Sunday, 21 April 2013

Vegan food swap

I recently came across the concept of food swapping and while I really liked the idea I suspected that being vegan would make things a little awkward. Of course, thanks to the power of Google it didn’t take long to find the UK vegan food swap hosted by Sasha and Mitsu of To Happy Vegans. I deliberated for a month or two (not sure why) and then stuck my name down. The swap which has a budget of £10 excluding postage gets underway towards the start of the month and rolls over to the next month unless you opt out.

As soon as participants have confirmed their entry for the month a list is sent round notifying everyone who they need to contact to arrange the swap. Partners are allocated randomly so you don’t usually send to the person who is sending to you. I soon heard from Petra who would be sending to me and I contacted Rachel who would be my recipient. Coincidentally Rachel would be sending to Petra so we ended up in a swap triangle!

Once I had details of Rachel’s preferences I went shopping. I chose some foods I know and like as well as some I haven’t tried before, including the chilli noodles as Rachel said she is experimenting with spicy foods.

The box I sent to Rachel included…
... falafel mix, chili miso noodles, cola bottles, mushroom pate and raspberry truffles. I wish I'd bought a second packet of the cola bottles.

And here are the scrummy treats I received from Petra...
 ...Wasabi Wheatgrass which is actually dried kale, sundried pineapple and Raw Superfood Granola made from raw chocolate, with nuts and seeds. All of the snacks went straight into my work bag so I’d have lots of lovely treats in the office.

I love snacking on wasabi peas so the wasabi wheatgrass was an excellent treat. The dried kale tastes a lot like the fried ‘seaweed’ that you can get in Chinese restaurants but with a little kick of wasabi. The dried pineapple is really good too and the raw granola makes a great afternoon snack.

Of the tea bags I've so far only tried the mysterious pink tea bag, it didn't say what tea it was on the wrapper but I managed to find it in my local supermarket. It's a chai tea by Clipper called Love me Truly, it doesn't contain any black tea so just the spices, it has an unusual spicy sweet kick that I love and it's officially my new favourite tea. I'll be adding one of these to my swap boxes in the future.

Thanks so much to Petra for a brilliant food swap and wonderful tea! You can read more about past swaps on Mitsu's blog over on the To Happy Vegans website and fellow creative blogger Hannah also took part in the vegan food swap for the first time this month, you can have a nosey at what she sent and received here.

Have you ever joined a food swap? What exciting treats have you discovered?


  1. The granola with raw chocolate looks amazing. I'm intrigued to try the chai tea with no black tea. This looks a really good swap - I'm intrigued to see future swaps

    1. I really enjoyed taking part, such a treat to get a box full of snacks in the post. X

  2. Your swap sounds so lovely, especially the mushroom pate and raspberry truffles. I've never tried Wasbi peas or wheatgrass before, they sound interesting.

    These are really interesting posts to read and a great look at Vegan food, I'll have to go on the hunt for Vegan Recipes. Houmous is the best, I could eat it all day!

    Thank you for the mention, I really enjoyed reading some of the recipes you had on craftypainter especially the cheesecake!


    1. I'm a teeny bit addicted to the vegan pâtés, so good on toast. I love toast. X

  3. Wasabi wheatgrass looks interesting, I'll have to see if I can hunt that down to try. Was it good? I love fizzy cola bottles too!

  4. Ooooh. Those Granose falafels are amaze-balls ! :) xx