Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Crafty Creatives - Box 10 - Blue

Box 11 plopped through our letter boxes yesterday (actually my postie left it in the green house!) but I've got some catching up to do with my Box 10 makes. 
Miss Chaela Boo: Crafty Creatives box 10

Box 10 went back to basics with a blue theme, there was the simple yet very beautiful art card by Catherine Moody and the contents of the box were:
  • The kit - Felt bluebird mobile
  • Felt balls
  • Glitter and beads
  • Mini blank canvas
  • Three bottles of acrylic paint in various shades of blue
  • Tiny glass beads from Musha Makes
  • Jumping Clay
  • A5 blue card and paper
  • Fat quarter of blue patterned fabric
  • Two bluebird pendants
Miss Chaela Boo: Crafty Creatives box 10
With lots to do for the tea party at the beginning of April it was a couple of weeks before I got started on this box. I kicked things of with the bluebird mobile, I added extra detail using the felt balls and some of the tiny blue beads.
Miss Chaela Boo: Crafty Creatives box 10 makes - blue bird mobile
I used some of the blue paint to make a set of my foxy cards and gift tags and I really like the look of the fox in blue. I'm wondering what other colours look good on foxes...
Miss Chaela Boo: Blue fox card and gift tag

While scouring Pinterest for new ideas for using glitter, I came across these wonderful glittery animal canvases. Perfect for the mini canvas too! So far I have painted it blue, I just need to get my hands on a small plastic animal!
Source: papery and cakery
Check out The Pampered Sparrow for a peak at what the next box as in store, I'll be back with my Box 11 makes soon and hopefully before the arrival of Box 12 (how are we almost at 12!?)


  1. I can see a whole rainbow of foxes myself! If the weather stays like this you will have no problems staying inside to craft!

    1. Sounds like a plan, purple next then! x

  2. I absolutely love the little blue bird mobile, so pretty!

    Your fox illustration is beautiful and looks fab in blue. As the commenter above said, they'd look brilliant in a rainbow of colours.

    Thank you also for mentioning my blog post ;) xx

  3. This is so cute! I love the little birds.

    1. Thank you, they were lots of fun to make. x

  4. Michaela! Your mobile is ADORABLE! This looks like a super cute package to receive -- how fun!! :)

  5. Thanks so much Monica, I do love receiving the boxes, it's like getting a present every month. X