Friday, 31 May 2013

May highlights 2013

Eeep! It’s the end of May already and time for my catch up of the month. If you’ve been stopping by this month you’ll have seen most of what I’ve been up to but my favourite part of writing these posts is catching up on the things that never quite made it into a blog post all of their own and May was especially exciting. 

Firstly on the blog….
Miss Chaela Boo: May Highlights
 Crafty Creative box 10: Blue - Goldfinch button from Miss Beatrix
 - UK vegan food swap - Ms Cupcake UK book review

The blue themed Crafty Creatives box 10 inspired these blue fox cards which are now available in my Etsy shop here. I received some wonderful happy post but still haven't decided what to do with the beautiful button I ordered from Miss Beatrix. I discovered the scrummy maple syrup lolly in my vegan food swap box and have baked some equally scrummy cakes from the new book from Ms Cupcake, read my review of the book here! Er, that's actually all stuff that arrived in the post then.

And off the blog…
Miss Chaela Boo: May Highlights
Half of the Thunder Run team
During the May bank holiday I ran two 10km races in two days with half of my running team as part of our training for the Adidas Thunder Run in July. Mark, Katie, Neil and I tackled Cambridge's guided bus way on the Sunday followed by the mountain of Ashton on the Monday. Frustratingly I picked up a cold three days later and haven't been able to run since so fear that training may have gone to waste. We all picked up two medals though. Win!

I snapped the beautiful and strange cherry tree in the park with both pink and white blossom. For the non-gardening types, this is the result of a pink variety of cherry being grafted onto the root stock of a white variety and the white cherry sprouting from below the graft. 
Miss Chaela Boo: May Highlights
Pink and white cherry tree - Shelly the tortoise
We had a tortoise for a week!! Her name was Shelly and we looked after her while she was between homes. She was very cute but I’m not missing the ‘nails on a blackboard’ type scraping noises that she made while digging. 

And finally, I GOT A NEW BIKE!!!!
Miss Chaela Boo: May Highlights
Back in April, I finally decided that after six years together my old bike wasn’t worth the £130+ it would cost to get her back to full health. I ordered a new bike through Cycle Scheme and I eventually got the call last week that she was ready. So it was ‘goodbye’ Starling and ‘hello’ Swift. I’m planning on keeping the old lady to grow plants on but I haven’t worked out the space yet, perhaps just plonk her at the back of a flower bed.

What were your May highlights?  


  1. I have nominated you for the liebster blog award :)

  2. Your blog is much loved by me :) Shelly is gorgeous! X