Thursday, 27 June 2013

UK Vegan Food Swap June 2013

This month I was lucky enough to be paired with the brilliant Mitsu from To Happy Vegans. By a happy coinsidence we were sending our parcels to each other since it's usually a case of send to one person and receive from another.

With a request from Mitsu for mainly savoury foods I went shopping to the trusty Arjuna. Occasionally I grab a few bits from the local supermarket but for the more unusual items Arjuna is the place to go. It also helps that being a vegetarian and vegan shop, everything is helpfully labelled.

The bits I sent off were:
  • Koulouria savoury olive biscuits
  • Tropical Wholefoods dried oyster mushrooms
  • Organix carrot sticks
  • Zest green pesto
  • Granovita tangy tomato pate
  • Panda blueberry liquorice
  • Clipper Love Me Truly chai tea
Miss Chaela Boo: UK Vegan food swap June 2013
And in return I received a brilliant box, which contained some great discoveries of every day things that are vegan friendly. Who knew Oreos were allowed? I ate almost the whole packet in one day.
Miss Chaela Boo: UK Vegan food swap June 2013
In addition to the Oreos my box from Mitsu contained:
  • Chocolate chip Hobnobs
  • Sharwoods Thai green curry paste
  • Cola flavouring
  • Trek protein flapjack
  • Elite bubbly chocolate
  • Mimilicious - vegan clotted cream
  • Homemade honeycomb granola
  • Dip-dab
The Mimilicious was a revelation and a great excuse for Mike to make me some scones. Yummy!!!!
Miss Chaela Boo: UK Vegan food swap June 2013

I'll be trying out the cola flavouring with some frosting for cupcakes which may prove interesting, I'll be reporting back.

I had hoped to have a go at baking for this swap, but was worried that vegan cakes and muffins tend to go a little soggy after a couple of days and there was no guarantee when my package would be delviered.  It was great to receive Mitsu's homemade granola which off course didn't mind an extra few days sitting in the post office so maybe next month I'll give it a go with some crunchy biscuits.

You can read about my previous adventures in the UK vegan food swap here, or why not give it a go and sign up yourself on the To Happy Vegans website?


  1. Wow I am going to have to find some chocolate chip hobnobs!!! I'm also desperate to try mimilicious but need a good excuse to order in bulk. You obviously didn't request the savoury option...;)

    1. I think my only request was no coriander :-) The mimilicious is well worth a try, yum-ee!

  2. Those scones look yum!! Cola icing sounds very interesting.

  3. I love Mimilicious! I think with Oreos, only the US Oreos are vegan (available at Waitrose over here or in shops that import US sweets etc.), the ones produced in the UK rather than imported aren't vegan which is annoying! :/

  4. Actually the UK Oreo recipe has changed, check the label there may still be old stock around.

    1. Yep, I managed to find vegan friendly Oreos in my local Tesco. Thanks for the tips though, I'll keep checking in case any old ones are still around. :)