Friday, 5 July 2013

June Highlights 2013

Wowee! June went so quickly but looking back it seems like an age since I wrote my May Highlights

Here are my pick of the posts from the blog in June. 
Miss Chaela Boo: June Highlights 2013
Crafty Creatives box 11: Glamour - Bike Week 2013 - Etsy Craft Party - UK vegan food swap
I really enjoyed learning how to do the beading for this hair clip from the Crafty Creatives box 11, I'm hoping that it will be suitable for the 1940s themed work party in September. I had loads of fun decorating my bike with saddle covers and pom poms and found lots of ideas to pimp your ride. It was great to be a part of the hugely successful Etsy craft party and to meet new crafters and bloggers and I received some awesome treats in the vegan food swap from Mitsu. 

Meanwhile, away from the blog...

Another training run with some of the Thunder Run team, this time it was the Huntingdon 10k where we took the opportunity to try and win the team event with the best average time. The team competition was only open to runners who are not members of running clubs and with last year's winning team coming in with an average time of around 57 minutes we thought we stood a fair chance.
Miss Chaela Boo: June Highlights 2013 - Huntingdon 10k
No thanks to me, we smashed it with an average time of around 50 minutes. As the event was sponsored by Cook Italian we won a big hamper full of pasta and sauces, and a huge trophy.

After a short break from my Etsy store, my earrings made a return in a variety of new colours!!
Miss Chaela Boo: June Highlights 2013 - Retro earrings on Etsy

Whenever I write these posts I skip back through my camera as a reminder for what I've been up to and I can't resist sharing these few pics as well. 

Summer properly arrived when I started harvesting my raspberries, it's the first time I've had a really good crop of anything (other than tomatoes) and they are so tasty.
Miss Chaela Boo: June Highlights 2013 - Raspberries
I snapped this bee on a flower at the garden centre, I managed not to buy the plant and I'm sure the bee was glad not to be evicted.
Miss Chaela Boo: June Highlights 2013 - Bee on a flower
I couldn't resist this new orchid though which brings my ridiculous collection up to 10!!! 
Miss Chaela Boo: June Highlights 2013 - Moth Orchid


  1. Love the colour of the flower that bee is on. Gorgeous!x

    1. I know, I think I might have to go back and get one! Running out of space though x

  2. Hi,

    You probably get dozens of these sorts of Blog nominations (- so feel free to ignore me) but I was asked to nominate Blogs for a “Best Moment Award”. As spam goes this seemed like one of the friendliest forms and I was more than happy to have my ego massaged.

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    (I'm sure there's a lot of cross-over audience for our two blogs lol)

  3. Wow - that hair clip looks like it took a LOT of work (and talent too)!
    I love the colourful earrings - and the pretty bike! :-)