Sunday, 18 August 2013

UK vegan food swap with Self Sufficient Cafe

I absolutely love joining in the UK vegan food swap, I mean who wouldn't want a box full of tasty snacks delivered to their door each month? However, I'm taking a break for August while I try to catch up on crafting, blogging and all the other things that have taken a a bit of a back seat during silly season at work.

So on to July's food swap. The confirmation email arrived informing me that I would be sending my parcel to Liz and with her request not to include any liquorice or beetroot I hit the shops. Each month I try to include things I haven't tried before as well as some of my favourites.
Miss Chaela Boo - UK vegan food swap July 2013
The box for Liz contained:
  • Oreos - after my recent discovery that they are vegan
  • granoVita organic mushroom pate - one of my favourite things, especially on toast
  • Biona apricot waffles
  • dairy-free mint chocolate
  • Organico crisp breads
  • nakd banana crunch
  • hazelnut nougat
  • coconut bar
  • dairy-free white chocolate buttons
  • Soreen apple and sultana loaf
I was super excited to find that I would be receiving my swap box from Jasmine of Self Sufficient Cafe, I was already familiar with Jasmine's blog where she shares her vegan lifestyle and yummy recipes.

The box from Jasmine was AMAZING and was packed with lots of snacks I'd never tried before. It was perfect timing for the Thunder Run and I saved all the snacks from the box to take with me for the weekend (I was going to need some treats).
Miss Chaela Boo - UK vegan food swap July 2013
The  amazing box contained:
  • garlic and chili flat breads
  • Humdinger fruit gums - perfect post-run sugar boost
  • Jameson's Ruffle bars
  • mustard seeds
  • Blue Dragon sweet chili and garlic stir fry sauce
  • Geeta's tikka curry paste
  • Sweet Freedom natural sweetener
  • Yu! blueberry fruit chews - like sweets but actually fruit
  • nakd strawberry crunch
  • mini packet of Oreos
  • Graze pop corn
  • sweet chili mini bruschetta
  • TREK coconut protein flapjack
My absolute favourite item from Jasmine's box was the raspberry Ruffle bars. They are a raspberry flavoured coconut fondant covered in dark chocolate and remind me of the strawberry creams from Quality Street. Really yummy!
Miss Chaela Boo - UK vegan food swap July 2013
I can't wait to get back to vegan food swapping again in September. Have you ever taken part in a food swap (or any other kind of swap)? What amazing things have you discovered?


  1. Ive not done a food swap, but it was because of a craft swap last year that I ended up making and selling over 70 owl cushions. :o)

    1. Wow, that's fantastic! I do so love a good swap. :)

  2. That is a really good swap and how bizarre you both sent oreo's to each other

  3. This month was my first food swap and I loved it! Can't wait to see what other treats I receive in the coming months... x

  4. I've just done my first vegan swap too and enjoyed it, participating again for sure. Lovely to way t be introduced to other fellow bloggers too. I didn't know that Ruffles were vegan, will have to snap up some now.

  5. I'm so pleased you liked the box Michaela. I too have taken a time out from swapping to concentrate on my gardening! But I'm back blogging now and I'll join up again for the swap box. Jasmine x