Saturday, 5 October 2013

UK vegan food swap September

I took a break from the UK vegan food swap in August so couldn't wait for September to arrive when I could join in again. My food swap recipient was Claire who just happens to be another crafty vegan. Claire has a Folksy Shop called Magpie Boutique where she sells her handmade and upcycled knitted goodies.
Miss Chaela Boo - UK Vegan Food Swap September
My box for Claire contained:
  • Oragnic vegan malt loaf
  • Suma apple and pear spread
  • granoVita organic mushroom pate
  • moo free banana chocolate
  • nakd strawberry crunch
  • Clearspring udon noodles
  • Panda raspberry and blueberry licorice
  • raspberry Yo-Yos
  • Yu mango pieces 
  • Clipper tea
I was so excited to see that my sender for September was Jasmine again. I just had one request; Ruffle Bars please! Jasmine didn't disappoint and even included extra Ruffles in the form of individual ruffle creams.
Miss Chaela Boo - UK Vegan Food Swap September
During September Jasmine took part in the Vegan Month of Food. During Vegan MOFO participants blog  everyday on a different theme depending on the day of the week. Jasmine added an extra challenge by dedicating her recipes to beans and extended her bean theme into the box she prepared for me. 

As well as the scrummy Ruffles, Jasmine included:
  • nibl wasabi beans - I love wasabi peas so these are perfect for me
  • Tilda Mexican chilli and bean rice
  • Food Doctor cereal, pulses and beans
  • Blooms peanut perfection popcorn - Yum!
  • Graze crisp breads with basil oil
  • Pink Panther wafers
  • Homemade bean chutney
Thank you Jasmine for another smashing box! 

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