Tuesday, 30 July 2013

adidas Thunder Run 2013

My first running post!! This weekend was all about the adidas Thunder Run 24 hour race. The Thunder Run is relay race run around a 10km course in the hilly hills of Derbyshire. Teams can be up to eight people but the real heroes are the solo runners who do it all by themselves. The winners are the teams and solos who complete the most laps within 24 hours.
Miss Chaela Boo: adidas Thunder Run 24hrs
Team parkrun Fresh: Neil, Gavin, Mark, Ben, Katie, Me
Our team of six was made up of running friends including four parkrunners. Katie and I are massive obsessive fans of parkrun and chose the team name parkrun Fresh. 'parkrun fresh' is when you carry on with you day without showering after a parkrun and in order to be truly parkrun fresh four of us nipped over to the local parkrun at Conkers Park before heading back for the start of the Thunder Run.
Miss Chaela Boo: adidas Thunder Run 24hrs
On parkrun tour at Conkers parkrun
I was third in the running order and set off on my fist lap at around 1:45pm, it was a steamy 26c and the sun was shining. I really struggle in the heat so I found it really tough. I reckon I walked around 40% of the course but thanks to the downhill sections I still managed to get round in 1 hour and 8 minutes. The fairy wings which I packed for a joke at the last minute got me lots of extra support from fellow runners and spectators.

As the day wore on the clouds drew in and by the time Katie was out on the course for our sixth lap it had started to rain. As we huddled in the tent, the weather got worse and a proper thunder storm broke out, poor Gavin was out on the course as the storm broke and I felt a little nauseous knowing that I was next. I took over at about 9pm, the thunder drifted away but the rain was relentless. I was drenched before I even got to the start but I actually enjoyed this lap the most. Running through woods, up and down hills in the dark and trying not to fall over was a lot of fun and most importantly I wasn't too hot. There was a lot of banter from other runners on the way round too, with everyone encouraging each other on. I stopped by the food tent to scoff some pasta before trudging back to our camp. I couldn't face the long walk back to the showers so I dried off in my tent and changed in to my next kit.

After a few hours rest, Mark got me up again at 2:30am for my third run which started around 3:30am. The rain had eased but by now the course was an epic mud-fest. It was my second run in the dark and because of the rain I couldn't wear my glasses which obviously made seeing even harder. Without wanting to break any limbs I planned a steady slow run, with a target of an hour and half, and handed over to Ben just before 5am. It was lovely to finish my run in the light. 

I'm so proud of our awesome team who kept going through the storm when other teams took a break for the rain or just called it a day. It was a huge relief that we were all still standing at the end with no serious injuries other than sore muscles and bruised toes. We didn't quite reach our target of 24 laps but I couldn't be happier with our result of 20 laps especially given the conditions.
Miss Chaela Boo: adidas Thunder Run 24hrs
Very happy runners!
Much respect to all the runners (especially the solos) who took part and to the organisers and volunteers that made it all happen.

Katie has just started a blog of her own so do check her out over at BrandedRunner.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Crafty Creatives - Box 12

The eagerly anticipated and very exciting birthday box arrived from Crafty Creatives this week (Happy Birthday ladies!) but I'm still catching up with box 12. The summer is my busiest time of year at work which has meant a bit less crafting and a lot less blogging the last couple of weeks (I've a lot of catching up to do this coming week!). However, last week I finally got stuck in to box 12; the TREAT box!
Miss Chaela Boo: Crafty Creatives Box 12
The art card this month was SWEET and came from Louise Williams (love the whale cupcake!) and a quick peek through the box found:
  • The kit: cross-stitch
  • 3 cake slice charms
  • cupcake ribbon
  • 10 'm' print cabochons
  • fat quarter of Paris Macaroons fabric
  • packet of tags
  • biscuit cutter
  • recipe card
  • juicy beads
  • craft paper
  • 5 ice cream buttons   
Miss Chaela Boo: Crafty Creatives Box 12
As usual I got straight on with the kit since this didn't need any thinking about, apart from choosing which pattern.
Miss Chaela Boo: Crafty Creatives Box 12 - I love cake cross-stitch
I had to get my thinking cap on for the rest of the box and started off by using one of the cabochons to make myself an 'm' ring. 

Of course, part of the ribbon went towards decorating some mini gift tags (the rest may well go the same way if I don't think of anything else. 
Miss Chaela Boo: Crafty Creatives Box 12 - cupcake gift tags
Finally I needed to use the beautiful fabric since I didn't want to just absorb it into my stash. I didn't fancy stitching anything so I decided to get my staple gun out and make a memo board for my craft corner. I spare piece of chipboard left over from an upholstery project was just the right size and everything else I found in my stash. An hour or so later and it was finished!
Miss Chaela Boo: Crafty Creatives Box 12 - memo board
Now I need to get cracking with the birthday box, come back soon to see how I get on!

Friday, 5 July 2013

June Highlights 2013

Wowee! June went so quickly but looking back it seems like an age since I wrote my May Highlights

Here are my pick of the posts from the blog in June. 
Miss Chaela Boo: June Highlights 2013
Crafty Creatives box 11: Glamour - Bike Week 2013 - Etsy Craft Party - UK vegan food swap
I really enjoyed learning how to do the beading for this hair clip from the Crafty Creatives box 11, I'm hoping that it will be suitable for the 1940s themed work party in September. I had loads of fun decorating my bike with saddle covers and pom poms and found lots of ideas to pimp your ride. It was great to be a part of the hugely successful Etsy craft party and to meet new crafters and bloggers and I received some awesome treats in the vegan food swap from Mitsu. 

Meanwhile, away from the blog...

Another training run with some of the Thunder Run team, this time it was the Huntingdon 10k where we took the opportunity to try and win the team event with the best average time. The team competition was only open to runners who are not members of running clubs and with last year's winning team coming in with an average time of around 57 minutes we thought we stood a fair chance.
Miss Chaela Boo: June Highlights 2013 - Huntingdon 10k
No thanks to me, we smashed it with an average time of around 50 minutes. As the event was sponsored by Cook Italian we won a big hamper full of pasta and sauces, and a huge trophy.

After a short break from my Etsy store, my earrings made a return in a variety of new colours!!
Miss Chaela Boo: June Highlights 2013 - Retro earrings on Etsy

Whenever I write these posts I skip back through my camera as a reminder for what I've been up to and I can't resist sharing these few pics as well. 

Summer properly arrived when I started harvesting my raspberries, it's the first time I've had a really good crop of anything (other than tomatoes) and they are so tasty.
Miss Chaela Boo: June Highlights 2013 - Raspberries
I snapped this bee on a flower at the garden centre, I managed not to buy the plant and I'm sure the bee was glad not to be evicted.
Miss Chaela Boo: June Highlights 2013 - Bee on a flower
I couldn't resist this new orchid though which brings my ridiculous collection up to 10!!! 
Miss Chaela Boo: June Highlights 2013 - Moth Orchid