Sunday, 18 August 2013

UK vegan food swap with Self Sufficient Cafe

I absolutely love joining in the UK vegan food swap, I mean who wouldn't want a box full of tasty snacks delivered to their door each month? However, I'm taking a break for August while I try to catch up on crafting, blogging and all the other things that have taken a a bit of a back seat during silly season at work.

So on to July's food swap. The confirmation email arrived informing me that I would be sending my parcel to Liz and with her request not to include any liquorice or beetroot I hit the shops. Each month I try to include things I haven't tried before as well as some of my favourites.
Miss Chaela Boo - UK vegan food swap July 2013
The box for Liz contained:
  • Oreos - after my recent discovery that they are vegan
  • granoVita organic mushroom pate - one of my favourite things, especially on toast
  • Biona apricot waffles
  • dairy-free mint chocolate
  • Organico crisp breads
  • nakd banana crunch
  • hazelnut nougat
  • coconut bar
  • dairy-free white chocolate buttons
  • Soreen apple and sultana loaf
I was super excited to find that I would be receiving my swap box from Jasmine of Self Sufficient Cafe, I was already familiar with Jasmine's blog where she shares her vegan lifestyle and yummy recipes.

The box from Jasmine was AMAZING and was packed with lots of snacks I'd never tried before. It was perfect timing for the Thunder Run and I saved all the snacks from the box to take with me for the weekend (I was going to need some treats).
Miss Chaela Boo - UK vegan food swap July 2013
The  amazing box contained:
  • garlic and chili flat breads
  • Humdinger fruit gums - perfect post-run sugar boost
  • Jameson's Ruffle bars
  • mustard seeds
  • Blue Dragon sweet chili and garlic stir fry sauce
  • Geeta's tikka curry paste
  • Sweet Freedom natural sweetener
  • Yu! blueberry fruit chews - like sweets but actually fruit
  • nakd strawberry crunch
  • mini packet of Oreos
  • Graze pop corn
  • sweet chili mini bruschetta
  • TREK coconut protein flapjack
My absolute favourite item from Jasmine's box was the raspberry Ruffle bars. They are a raspberry flavoured coconut fondant covered in dark chocolate and remind me of the strawberry creams from Quality Street. Really yummy!
Miss Chaela Boo - UK vegan food swap July 2013
I can't wait to get back to vegan food swapping again in September. Have you ever taken part in a food swap (or any other kind of swap)? What amazing things have you discovered?

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Lino printing at Betty Makes

Miss Chaela Boo: Lino Printing at Betty Makes
It was a few weeks ago now that I attended a lino printing class at Betty Makes with Collette of CraftyGlitten. Betty Makes is a fresh new workshop in Newmarket founded by Jean-Mary and offers a broad range of classes from crochet, knitting and sewing, to printing and needle felting. There's even the option to book on to a Surprise Make evening where the creative activity is kept secret until the night.
Miss Chaela Boo: Lino Printing at Betty Makes
I was really pleased to hear about the lino printing course as I had been thinking for a few months that I wanted to give it a try. Although I'd done it before, I felt that it would be useful to go over the basics again before having a go on my own. There are two options for the lino printing workshop, either printing on to cards or tea towels; I attended the card workshop.  
Miss Chaela Boo: Lino Printing at Betty Makes
After spending the first half of the day working on our designs and cutting the lino, we had a quick break for lunch before we got down to the printing. I took along some of my foxy cards as inspiration and got started on my design. 
Miss Chaela Boo: Lino Printing at Betty Makes
We were working on making layered designs and I chose to try a fox on a starry background. The problem that I found was that my design relied on being able to line up the two layers which was really tricky and I ended up with a few wonky foxes before amending the design a little. This was of course an excellent learning experience so I know what not to do next time!!

Collette's festive deer were much more successful!!
Miss Chaela Boo: Lino Printing at Betty Makes
The class ran from 11am-3:30pm and at £28 for the day was excellent value for money. There was also the option to buy lino printing tools so that we could carry on at home. It was the perfect way to spend a warm Sunday and the studio is such a pretty space to work in with bundles of fabric and pots of buttons decorating the shelves.
Miss Chaela Boo: Lino Printing at Betty Makes
I love learning new crafts (or rediscovering old ones!) and I usually like to figure things out for myself but attending a workshop or class is such a treat! Have you attended any workshops recently? I'd love to here you recommendations!

***This is not a sponsored post ***

Thursday, 8 August 2013

July Highlights 2013

My top highlight for July has got to be attending the adidas Thunder Run 24 hour race. I'm still smiling about it and can't wait to do it all again next year! Although my running has received a mention in previous blog posts this was the first time I dedicated a whole post to it. Primarily I see this as a craft blog but ultimately it's a blog about everything that I love and since running is one of those things, it's going to pop up every now and then. I do hope the crafters among you enjoy the odd post about running, I know lots of you are runners too!

Here's a (slightly fuzzy) pic from the weekend of me running with my fairy wings!I must have been running really fast!
Miss Chaela Boo - July 2013 Highlights
I was so wrapped in preparations for the Thunder Run that my only other blog post in July was the Crafty Creatives Treat box. I really enjoyed making this memo board from the French macaroon fabric. 
Miss Chaela Boo - July 2013 Highlights
Other July highlights which I need to catch up on in the next week are:

Lino Printing at Betty Makes
The UK vegan food swap
Crafty Creatives Birthday Box

Away from the blog, this little guy moved in officially!!!
Miss Chaela Boo - July 2013 highlights
Nemo had been hanging out with us for a few weeks before we adopted him when his previous owner moved away. He's a sickly little thing but we're working hard to get him sorted out.

Finally some of my favourite snaps from July which I have to share.
Miss Chaela Boo - July 2013 highlights
Beautiful new running shoes - Feeding the ducks and swans at the local park -
Cherry picking in the park to make amazing jam - my new favourite medal (the middle bit spins!!)
I'd love to hear about your highlights from the past month, do share!